Supstix fiberglass paddle

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The SUPStix is a comfortable, extra lightweight and reliable SUP paddle with a strong extra lighg fiberglass shaft, rubber edged nylon blade, and a comfortable ergonomically designed handle at a fantastic price.

What sets the SUPStix apart from other fiberglass paddles is the extra protection that comes with the rubber blade that cover the outer edge of the full blade giving your board extra protection against scuffing. These paddles have been trialed and tested all over New Zealand with great feedback on ease of use and durability.


Yup, they float! Designed with a upgraded adjustment system allows the top part of the paddle to be completely sealed giving you a very buoyant top area that keeps the paddle afloat.

Adjusts from 180cm - 213cm (71"-83") to suit almost any paddler

Splits in two pieces with the longest part only 167cm, great for fitting into your boot

Weight: 900g / 2lb

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